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For whom is this website?

Because of the many followers of our Facebook page "Tanfoglio Team Germany" from around the world I have always wanted to know where all the Tanfoglio shooters come from and what models of our favorite brand "Tanfoglio" are being used. For this reason and to answer the following questions, I have developed this site.

  • Has anyone in my region, the same model as I do?
  • Who can I ask if I want to shoot a special model?
  • Is there a gunsmith close to me who is specialized with Tanfoglio weapons?
  • Which dealer has special offers for Tanfoglio guns?

I want to improve the (already very good) communication between Tanfoglio shooters on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. On my website you can very quickly see who is a Tanfoglio shooter, dealer or specialized gunsmith e.g. in my region and how to contact them.

We are all "Team Tanfoglio"

I would be very happy if many Tanfoglio owners from around the world would sign up here and enlarge the Tanfoglio-Community!

Suggestions regarding this project are always welcome!

Make ready and standby