Frequently Asked Questions

My address and position on the map

To show your location on the map you my also enter your street when you are being asked for your address. This information is not mandatory and only used for the first positioning of your pin. Even though the name of your street is being saved in the data base it will never be shown anywhere. If you don't want the pin to show your exact location, you may move it to a more neutral position after clicking on the "GeoPicker" and send this updated information to the form. Please consider that the pin should at least be placed inside the city you live in.

Why does my pin is not displayed?

The position of your pins is exclusively defined by specifying the latitude and longitude. If you have just given your address and not afterwards taken over the corresponding latitudes and longitudes on the "GeoPicker", your pin will not displayed. If you want to insert this information later, you have to "Login" on the side and enter this information later.

Deleting my data

In case you want all of your data to be deleted from the data base you my contact the admin via email or delete the data yourself through this link.

What happens to my data?

Your personal data will not be given to a third party. It is only for the use on the website If there are additional features in the future we will use your email address to inform you of these updates. In case you don't want to receive these informations you may consult the admin via email.